Lawn Care Services

We will provide you with the highest quality of lawn care, performed by experienced work teams.

During your free estimate, a service program will be recommended for your lawn by one of our expert technicians. For the typical yard in Northern Virginia, this is a five-service program per year. When we receive your signed estimate and security deposit, your lawn service will be scheduled immediately.


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Typical five-service lawn program in Northern Virginia


Spring Early Summer Summer Fall Late Fall/Winter
Fertilization Fertilization Vita-feed high potassium feeding Fertilization Fertilization
Pre-emergent crabgrass controls Insect controls Insect controls Seeding Spot weed control
Spot weed control Complete weed control Weed control Core aeration Lime application
Pre-emergent crabgrass controls
Disease control (as needed)


Cultural Practices

After each service you will receive a brochure with instructions on mowing, watering, and raking. The closer these practices are followed the better the collective results. Some typical mistakes in proper lawn care are improper mowing (cutting too close) and using dull blades on your mower. Improper watering can lead to weed infestation and disease problems.

An initial soil sample will be taken and sent to Virginia Tech Soil Testing Laboratory for analysis. Upon results of this analysis, a copy of the report and suggested treatment will be forwarded to each customer.

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