Shrub and Ornamental Tree Service

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Our program is designed to keep your landscape as healthy and attractive as possible. Our trained technicians will inspect your trees and shrubs and apply insect and disease control as needed.


Fertilization can help your young trees and ornamental shrubs develop strong root systems and help older plantings come alive with color and overcome disease, insects, winter damage and other harmful stress.

Proper disease identification and controls will be applied at various times of the season and on an as needed basis. This will ensure a healthy landscape, as well as control diseases that would otherwise damage the plant and spread to neighboring healthy foliage.

Insect Control Infestations of tiny insects can severely damage your trees and shrubs. These infestations can’t always be seen; however the damage will be quite evident, and by then it may be too late. With every treatment, we will take a pro-active approach and inspect your landscape. We will then treat with the proper controls as needed to control potential and existing problems.

Dormant Oil Spray is applied to trees and shrubs after the fall of the leaves. It protects the plantings from insect over wintering and infestation of the plantings.

Deep Root Feeding is pressurized soil injection of a fertilizer and water mixture into the root zone of the tree. It relieves compaction by aerating the soil, allowing for better root growth and absorption of oxygen, water and nutrients.

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Late Winter/Early Spring Spring Early Summer Summer Late Fall
Dormant Oil Application Insecticide Application Insecticide Application with Fungicide & Foliar Feeding Insecticide Application with Iron Additives Fertilizing
Helps reduce over wintering scales & unhatched eggs Helps control gypsy moth larvae, Eastern Tent Caterpillar and bark beetles Helps with bag worms, japanese beetles, lace bugs and aphids Second application for control of mites Deep root feeding

Company Practices

Improper pruning techniques kill more shrubs and ornamental trees than insects or disease. Constantly shearing a bush without pruning always leads to a decline of your shrubs. Prune appropriately to allow sun and air to circulate to the interior of the plant. Always prune as close as possible to the nearest junction to allow vascular fluid to secrete and coat the fresh wound. Simple pruning techniques can be found in almost any plant book.

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